SM Masonry Offers Great Residential Construction Services in Chicago

Homeowners should choose the best construction services to have a successful masonry or construction project. A good residential construction job has to be done right and within the project deadline. The homeowner should decide the right contractor that provides quality work done by using high-quality materials and the latest technology.

We Value Your Priorities

The majority of the residential construction companies concentrate on what the homeowner needs, an individual should first outline what they want in their new homes before they hire a professional contractor to get excellent results. Meanwhile the professional construction company provides new styles, designs and good quality work that the homeowner listed down..

Before choosing the right construction company the homeowner should verify the license and insurance of the company you are hiring. It is crucial to check these documents to be safe before residential construction is taking place. Luckily SM Masonry is insured and have all the necessary certifications to operate residential construction and masonry Chicago as well as the suburbs.

We Offer Great Residential Masonry Construction Services

While most of our construction jobs are commercial, we still offer great services to the public, even if they are small jobs. Chimneys are in virtually every home, regardless of the type of heating system. The structural integrity of the chimney is vitally important for efficient heating and safety; if these structures are left to deteriorate, serious fire hazards can develop. Keeping moisture out of the chimney system is of paramount importance. If cracks develop in the mortar or if the chimney cap wears, water can enter and compromise the entire system.

We can detect and offer Chicago masonry repair any issues to help keep a chimney dry and strong. Homes with brick walls need ongoing maintenance and possible residential masonry repair in Chicago to preserve the strength of the structure. Tuckpointing is the process of removing worn mortar and replacing it with fresh materials to ensure ongoing protection from moisture. Concrete restoration involves in-depth repairs and replacement of masonry to remove worn materials and replace them with new bricks.

Here at SM Masonry Walls Construction no job too small for us, as well as no job too big, so you can be rest assured that we will take care of your masonry construction needs.


Commercial Construction

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Masonry Work

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Repair Work

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Stone Work

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