Unbeatable Service For Commercial Construction in Chicago

SM Masonry Walls Construction is a company that provides a variety of construction services to local businesses throughout the Chicago area. If you need help tackling a commercial construction project, you may want to consider working with us because we specialize in repair services, stone work in Chicago, and limestone work.

We Have Experienced Masonry Crews

With over 20 years of experience we are a reputable commercial construction company, we tackle a variety of jobs that involve different materials. We fully understand how to work with:

  • Marble: Marble is one of the toughest substances that we use during commercial jobs. It’s durable because the rock is made of crystallized carbonate minerals. Marble can be used in a restaurant prep area that needs stylish countertops.
  • Limestone: Limestone contains a variety of skeletal fragments that include molluscs, coral, and forams. We use different limestone options during Chicago commercial construction jobs in order to give everyone options. Our crews build structures with limestone that’s granular, crystallized, or massive.
  • Granite: When light-shaded masonry materials are needed during a job, we mainly use granite. The main thing that makes granite stand out is the grains because the large etches are highly visible. Granite can make specific areas in a commercial space a focal point as the surface on a slab has a pattern that’s similar to salt and pepper.
  • Travertine: If you want a design a commercial space that’s totally unique, travertine is a practical material option. This substance is made in mineral springs, and it’s available in various neutral shades and a few rustic varieties. No matter what color you select, a travertine structure will have a concentric or fibrous design scheme.

Besides these work materials, we also implement commercial construction Chicago procedures using adobe, glass block, concrete block, cast stone. We build structures with these materials during indoor and outdoor projects.

Service Advantages When Working With Us

We understand that curb appeal can impact your company’s foot traffic, which is why we never cut corners during building jobs. Instead, we take our time in order to strategically create structures that lack unappealing flaws. For example, when we work with granite, we lift and transport the slabs with care so that the surfaces aren’t scratched. During outdoor jobs, we boost customer satisfaction by positioning every brick correctly to give the entire layout flair. After a project is over, we help businesses resume daily operations quickly by removing all debris off the property.

In order to make your business a prime destination in Chicago, you’ll need to maintain all structural elements. If you want to upgrade, renovation, or enhance key areas in a professional way, contact SM Masonry Wall Construction and schedule an appointment with our Chicago commercial construction crew today. Here at SM Masonry Walls Construction no job too small for us, as well as no job too big, so you can be rest assured that we will take care of your masonry construction needs. Give us a call today, and we cane help you with your next project.


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